Writer / Katie Burrell

Wentico and CompanyWentico and Company isn’t just a home remodeling company — or a restoration or handyman company — but then again, owner Todd Wentico isn’t just a handyman, carpenter, floor installer or remodeler. His business reflects his work. Wentico began his career as an accountant in a successful, growing corporation. He loved suits, ties and numbers, and held a master’s degree to prove it. His company was buying real estate when Wentico began ruining his beloved suits. The buildings usually needed to be remodeled or repaired, so while visiting job sites, he wound up getting down on his hands and knees, tearing apart old buildings. He became his company’s vice president of real estate, but the promotion didn’t last long, because Wentico moved on to his new, long-lasting passion.

Wentico and Company has been serving a six-county area in central Indiana for 32 years. They provide a variety of services to clients, including carpet, allergen/air duct and floor cleaning; floor service and installation; mold, water and fire damage restoration; and power washing. “We do whatever you don’t want to do,” Wentico said. “There’s no job I can’t do.”

Recently, Wentico and Company did a small bathroom remodel. It grew into a kitchen update, floor installation and deck maintenance because the customer was so thrilled with the results of their work. Wentico points out, though, that a one-room paint job is never too small for his crew. In fact, with the summer months approaching, many of his clients are making appointments for deck staining and sealing — a job that Wentico said is often daunting to homeowners, but is very rewarding to him.

Wentico and Company Deck“I love looking at a deck and seeing a beautifully finished project,” he said. “During the summer months, where do you spend the majority of your time? Your deck. You host parties and sit outside late into the evening.”

Wentico is so enthusiastic about his work that he and his eight-person crew attend seminars to stay up-to-date with new remodeling techniques and products. He said he finally gets to install a floor in a home with a cement slab by gluing the floor down rather than installing a floating floor. The new process will prevent movement and the need to readjust floating floors that shift after years of use.

If your floating floors do shift, the good news is that Wentico is around to do the maintenance. There’s a good chance that if you’ve had work done by Wentico and Company before, the crew member who did the work is still on staff. “I have a carpet (cleaning) guy who has been with me for 20 years,” Wentico said. “I’ll put him against anyone else in the business.”

Wentico said his employees are behind the company’s success. Aside from major electrical or plumbing services, Wentico and Company is fully staffed with experts to handle any job. Recently, they completed a $95,000 home remodel in just a few months. He and his staff moved throughout the house in the most efficient, effective way to allow the homeowners to live in the house during the remodel.  They started downstairs and laid new flooring, painted all the rooms, and installed custom-made kitchen cabinets, a fireplace mantel and bay window seat. They moved on and remodeled all three bathrooms with new tubs, sinks and tile. All the rooms got new doors, and they even installed a new staircase and banister. The homeowners were only out of their master bedroom for two days, and the crew cleaned up each night so the owners had as little disturbance as possible.

Listening to Wentico recount his remodeling projects proves that he has a passion for what he does, but he isn’t looking to sell the big job to every customer. If he can update quality-made cabinets with new fronts and hardware, he will. He stresses to his clients that care is more important than cost. That’s why he believes in what he does — cleaning your carpet regularly, vacuuming air ducts for a better air quality and treating your hardwood floors with respect. For more information, visit wenticoandcompany.com, or call Todd Wentico at 317-847-3201.