Garrison Law Firm 2Greg and Chris Garrison have many things in common. As brothers, they enjoy life with varied interests, but the bond of practicing law is the cement that has made their law firm so successful. The Garrison Law Firm brings together professionals with more than 100 years of experience in several important areas of law.

In their private lives, the brothers really do share a wonderful sense of humor and strong interests in history, horses, sports, reading, and spending time together as a family. It is obvious they enjoy their time together and support each other in their individual areas of legal expertise.

The Brothers …

Greg Garrison, the attorney, is indeed an experienced litigator (on both sides of the courtroom) and has prosecuted a number of high-profile criminal cases. Currently, his practice is concentrated on personal injury law, business and commercial trial work, and general litigation. It goes without saying he is also a highly recognized, long-time radio talk show host with WIBC and because of this high public profile, we sometimes forget he is a very busy and engaged successful attorney as well. In his personal time, when he is not riding and caring for his beloved horses, Greg is a well-known published author who has written several books in his spare time.

Chris Garrison concentrates his law practice in the area of personal injury claims from accidents, defective products, dangerous property conditions (slip and falls), animal attacks, poisonings, and employment injuries caused by someone other than the employer or co-worker. His interest in this particular area of law stems from his father who was in medicine and his own personal involvement of seeing what happens to individuals or families who suffered serious injury or death because of an accident or incident they didn’t cause. In his personal life, Chris enjoys being with his family, reading, and when there is time, hiking, walking, and sports.

They say success attracts like-minded successful professionals, and the Garrison Law Firm certainly has attracted experienced lawyers who represent a broad base of clients and legal representation in Indiana.

When life takes a different turn and you find yourself in a situation that demands legal attention, you can’t go wrong in giving Greg and Chris Garrison a call. Their legal practice expertise and deep love of the law that works for you, could make the difference in setting the course for your personal or professional recovery.

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