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Kim Troyer with Keller Williams Realty

Kim Troyer with Keller Williams Realty pulls out all the stops when buying or selling real estate.

Real estate veteran Kim Troyer keeps clients happy by thinking outside the box. For her, it all starts with listening.

Whether you’re buying or selling your home, Troyer, a broker with Keller Williams Realty, makes sure she hones in on your specific needs. She doesn’t hear just that you want a fenced back yard, but one that will keep a small dog from escaping; not just that you want a dining room, but a space suited for your particular dining room table.

“I listen to what they have to say, work with what they need, and try to get them the best house or get them the best sale possible,” she said.

“When you’re listening more and talking less, then you’re really getting into the heart of what your clients are trying to say,” Troyer said.

This careful listening allows Troyer to find creative solutions to her clients’ needs. Recently, Troyer had two clients very interested in Geist waterfront property who didn’t like any of the homes currently on the market. Not wanting to give up, Troyer drove them through the area, and the buyers cherry-picked their favorite homes.

Tim Murphy, who worked in sales all his life before retiring, was one of the homeowners she contacted. She ended up selling his house in a deal that pleased everyone.

“I didn’t even know Troyer until she dropped a note in our mailbox and wanted to know if our house was for sale,” Murphy said.

He’d been looking to downsize for quite some time, and he said that other real estate agents don’t even begin to compare to Troyer’s energy and work ethic.

“We probably looked at 50 different open houses and talked to 30 or 40 Realtors [and] told all 30 or 40 our situation. The grand total of all of those Realtors that contacted us with a client was zero,” Murphy said. “Kim found out we were looking to downsize and immediately acted. The “Kim Difference,” quite candidly, is that she’s simply the best sales executive selling real estate that I’ve ever met. She just makes it happen. I was very inspired by working with her on this. I would highly recommend Kim Troyer for anybody looking to sell a house, especially if they want to sell it quickly.”

“Quickly” doesn’t even begin to cover it. When Vince and Angela Ostrowski were looking for a home, they were limited in their options because they wanted to live in a particular school district. With few houses available, Troyer once again hand-delivered notes door to door. “Lo and behold, one turned up and turned out to be perfect for our family,” Angela Ostrowski said. “Troyer found a new home for that family, sold our home, and sold the home for that family — all in two months.

“She worked over and above what a normal Realtor-client relationship would entail, working all hours of the day and pushing the limits when she could,” she said.

Kim works from her office in her Cambridge home at Geist.

With Bob and Jan Weber, Troyer performed similar miracles when they sold their home and moved to Michigan. The people buying their waterfront home were required to get flood insurance by their mortgage company — and that started an avalanche of paperwork.

“Kim made that whole process easy. She jumped up to the bat and made that whole process go through. That whole problem of them getting insurance down there put us a day behind up here. But she got stuff pushed through,” Bob Weber said.

He noted that Troyer was juggling communication with a Realtor and a title company in Michigan, as well as all the folks in Indiana. She managed to get it all done in three or four days and kept everything on track.

It helps that Troyer has a team of people in the lending institutions and title companies that make transactions like this even smoother.

Troyer both lives and works in Geist, so she knows the area inside out.

“It’s really important, I think, to be working with someone who is familiar with the area,” Troyer said.

According to Troyer, this means she can get you a good, fair deal.

Troyer also uses today’s technology to get the best for buyers and sellers. She will talk to sellers about the importance of the Internet if their last home-buying experience was done without it.

“I don’t list a house and make it active, anymore, unless I’ve got professional photos,” she said.

Troyer uses a professional photographer because she knows the Internet is the first place many buyers go today. She also knows that if your house doesn’t look good online, buyers will just pass right by it.

While Geist is her specialty, Troyer’s no stranger to Meridian-Kessler, Carmel, Zionsville and other parts of Hamilton County. Wherever the client is interested, that’s where she’ll go.

“I’m all about the client,” she said.

Indeed, she is, Weber said.

“We didn’t have to worry about anything from the time we said ‘yes’ to getting paperwork done. She made sure we always knew what was going on,” he said. “Some Realtors will say they’ll list it, and then you won’t hear anything from them for a while. That’s not Kim. She’s a workaholic and very detail-oriented. And her friendliness is contagious.”

For more information, visit her website at www.KimTroyerGroup.com or call (317) 250-6379.

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