fisherstop25_group By Lori Brackemyre

The top 25 seniors at Fishers High School recognized their most influential teachers during a recent awards ceremony.  Each senior gave a tribute about his/her honored educator and presented a plaque of appreciation as part of the school’s Top 100 Awards night.

“It was an incredible evening hearing these seniors—our academic leaders—speak about the teachers who helped them become the exceptional students they are,” said Jason Urban, Fishers High School principal.

Those honored included teachers the seniors had as elementary, junior high and high school students.  Several teachers were recognized by more than one student.

“What makes Senora Mejias stand out to me as the most influential teacher I’ve had isn’t just the energy and fun she brought to her class every day for three years, but the way she genuinely cares about and encourages her students—both in and out of class.  Senora Mejias has influenced me because she always has a smile, a positive outlook and open ears to listen,” Emily Neitzel said of Terri Thompson-Mejias.

Katherine Poisel said this about teacher Elizabeth Thomas: “Mrs. Thomas is genuinely concerned with how well students retain information not just the test scores.  She is committed to continuing her education and utilizes relevant and memorable anecdotes in her teaching.  She has inspired me to be a better, more inquisitive student.”

“Ms. Bailey exemplifies all the qualities that a student wants in a teacher:  compassion, kindness, intellect, expertise in her subject and being an excellent listener to the needs of her students,” Patrick Newton said of teacher Elizabeth Bailey.  “Ms. Bailey gives her students the greatest gift imaginable—to be an enlightened American citizen and to be a good person.”

The educators honored this year are Elizabeth Bailey, Lisa Blamey, Sandra Burns, Judi Corbit, Lori Cornell, John Drozd, Mike Fassold, Matt Harrod, Shannon Jones, Marcia Kellogg, Tracey Kelly, Kathy Schemine, Elizabeth Thomas, Terri Thompson-Mejias, Dave Turner, Nana Vaughn, Jeffrey Wilkins, and Tom Younts.

This year’s top 25 seniors are Patrick Axon, Jacklyn Barber, Shannon Beatty, Carla Black, Kelsey Bonfils, Alexandra Doak, Alyson Donica, Sara Friedline, Mary Holihen, Mihai Iancu, Kurt Kellogg, Kathryn Kleber, Christina Koenig, Sara Lorenz, Emily Neitzel, Patrick Newton, Parth Patel, Katherine Poisel, Hobey Tam, Emily Thomas, Zachary Wallace, David Wan, Emily Wang, Christopher Womble, and Yuji Xie.
Top 25 students and teacher they honored – (Front row)) Tracey Kelly, Elizabeth Bailey, David Turner,  John Drozd, Tom Younts, Lori Cornell, (Row 2) Nana Vaughn, Matt Harrod, Kathryn Kleber, Terri Thompson-Mejias, Jackie Barber, Alyson Donica, Emily Thomas, Chris Womble, Emily Wang, Hoby Tam, Kelsey Bonfils, Parth Patel, Alexandra Doak, Emily Neitzel, Judi Corbit, Elizabeth Thomas, Lisa Blamey, (Row 3) Mary Holihen, Katherine Poisel, Patrick Newton, Patrick Axon, Mahai Iancu, Yuji Xie, Shannon Beatty, David Wan, Sara Friedline.