Crown Senior Living of Indianapolis Opening Soon

Crown Senior Living Sitting RoomAging: While it’s better than the alternative, it’s not something that many people look forward to. But Crown Senior Living of Indianapolis is a community that actually gives a social life back to those that have slowly lost it, making aging not just tolerable, but fun.

Consider this typical day in the life of a Crown resident. Wake up and hop into the low-step shower. Mosey down to the restaurant style dining room, where you meet up with friends for a nutritious meal prepared by a culinary chef. Catch the shuttle bus to do some shopping and arrive back home for another delicious meal. In the afternoon, you organize a euchre game in the Town Hall and Bistro with some fellow residents, sipping on juice or coffee, and later catch a basketball game on the TV in the activity room. Oh, it’s already dinner time — you better hustle down to the restaurant for another mouthwatering culinary experience. Afterward, the exhaustion is setting in from a full day of fun, enriching activities, but you can’t resist hanging out with friends for tonight’s bingo game. Tomorrow, you have an appointment at the in-house beauty salon and family coming to visit in the common room.

That doesn’t sound bad at all! Just the thought of someone cleaning my room and a culinary chef cooking for me every day is enough to make me consider forging my age to 55 to allow me admittance now. In the words of Jeff Gronemeyer, Crown’s sales director: “It’s like living in an 84-room mansion.”

Because Crown is a brand-new community set to open late April, every apartment is new. Rent for a studio or one-bedroom apartment is paid month-to-month. No annual contracts or upfront capital are needed, making changes in living situations much more flexible. And, very important to many people, they are one of the few assisted living communities to accept the Medicaid waiver as a form of payment, allowing residents to age in place even if they face financial obstacles.

While socialization is abundant, that’s not all that Crown offers. They are a fully licensed assisted living community, meaning they can manage residents’ medications and help them bathe, if necessary. They have a 24-hour care staff on-site. It is no coincidence that they are in such close proximity to Community North Hospital. They have a working relationship with the hospital—a doctor visits once a week to do rounds with any residents wanting care in the on-site clinic, where residents also can go for physical, occupational or speech therapy. In addition, there are four furnished transitional care apartments for those who are not admitted to the hospital but aren’t feeling up to par, or those recently discharged from the hospital.

The second floor houses a secure Memory Care neighborhood (Serenity) for those with Alzheimer’s or some form of dementia. There, the residents have their own restaurant in which they are involved in the dining experience, if they’re able. Programming in Serenity is a holistic approach to wellness that strives to maintain a structured normal lifestyle that maximizes the residents’ health and life abilities.

For people who have lost much of their independence because they no longer drive or are afraid to go out in marginal weather, the Crown Assisted Living Community helps them get back to living their life. “We come to work, every day, to deliver respect and passion to our residents and to ensure that our corporate mission of providing affordable assisted living and memory care is being delivered,” Gronemeyer said. “We serve more singles than couples. We have a more affordable price point. We have an holistic approach that really delivers on the promise of assisted living. Storing a person is not what we do. This is designed to give them back the opportunity to be alive … going and doing things. We take them to places. The programming puts them back in that range of ‘What did you like to do when you were 50? Let’s do that now, but you don’t have to go all over the place to do it.’”

Gronemeyer noted that most of the people who join an assisted living community actually arrive malnourished. Many of them have been eating convenient prepackaged microwave meals that are high in carbohydrates and sodium. Because of the delicious, freshly made nutritious meals the residents receive at Crown, they will start feeling healthier and have more energy within the first 30 days. Now that is “getting back to life.”

Crown is the perfect senior living solution for mental and physical wellness. They are accepting applications now. For more information, please visit their website at, or call 317-376-INDY.


  • Spacious studio and one bedroom apartments
  • Three delicious, nutritious meals prepared by our culinary chef
  • Restaurant-style dining served in a beautiful dining room
  • Private dining room available
  • Beauty salon
  • State-of-the-art security and fire safety systems
  • Beautiful bistro and lounge area
  • Theater, library and multipurpose room
  • Activity and computer room
  • Therapy and exercise room
  • Beautiful, spacious courtyards
  • On-site clinic for physician visits
  • 24-hour care staff on site
  • 24-hour licensed care staff on Memory Care
  • Concierge services
  • Evidence-based wellness programs overseen by a registered nurse/wellness coordinator
  • Secure Memory Care neighborhood (Serenity) with special programming
  • Complementary Wi-Fi
  • In-house TV channel and network
  • Community bus available for transportation and resident activity outings

Writer / Marcia Vigren

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An Alternative to the Affordable Care Act

  • Ben DevolderAgent: Ben Devolder
  • Company: US Health Group
  • Contact Number: 317-773-3528
  • Website: US Health
  • Email:

The Affordable Health Care Act has certainly changed the foundation of America’s health care system for generations of Americans. Massive confusion of plans (levels of care) that are nearly impossible to comprehend; huge jumps in monthly insurance premiums and eye-popping deductibles have certainly weighed heavily on those of us who find themselves facing a decision that is not in line with the reality of actually paying for health care that is beyond our limits of affordability, and in fact, fits our real health care needs.

Yes! There is an alternative solution to the Affordable Care Act and slowly but surely, people are finding their way to insurance options that do provide a solution to what has been in the headlines for weeks. Alternative health plans are available and what you will find is just what the doctor ordered.

Ben Devolder, an agent for USHEALTH GROUP, grew up in a family where his father was a hard-working insurance agent with State Farm in Michigan. Ben spent a lot of time after school in his father’s office listening and watching his Dad taking care of individuals and families who needed help designing a policy plan that worked for them.  Even as a youngster, I knew what my Dad did for a living was more than just a job … it was a passion and a responsibility that he never took for granted.

Ben Devolder and Family“Dad’s passion rubbed off on me because this was always what I knew I wanted to do.  Years later, after graduating from college, I began to research insurance companies and the products that were available through them.  When I came upon the US Health Group on the Internet, I was intrigue by the insurance products and the many options their agents had to work with in regard to individuals, families and small businesses.  It was the detailed “custom” approach to planning out their life insurance and health insurance needs, and their commitment to provide a fixed rate (3 years) of premiums over and above what other insurance company’s offered.  I applied and was accepted. The training was comprehensive and I felt like I had achieved finding a career where I could really help the communities I served in this very important life element,” he said reflectively, adding, “Especially with the turn of events brought on by the Affordable Care Act.

“Unfortunately, many people think they are stuck right now in regard to their personal insurance, and have no other choice but to sign up for this difficult health insurance act.  But they are not stuck – they just need to discover the alternative plans that are readily available to them, Ben stated.

So how does it all work?

Simply put, USHEALTH GROUP is partnered with a large association (American Independent Business Coalition). This partnership allows individuals and families access to the various health insurance products, offered to members of the association. “When you’re a part of a large group, specifically in the health insurance world, you can’t be singled out for annual rate increases and cancellations. This is what’s great about having access to an association health plan,” says Ben.

Another way to think about it, is having access to “group-like” benefits and discounts, on an individual/family basis. “This very attractive to people, especially the self-employed, as they are usually getting the short stick when it comes to health insurance rates and premium increases. Now, they have an option to be a part of a large group, with a company who understands the needs of these families,” says Ben.

Ben went on to explain, “Our clients have the opportunity to customize their insurance plan. We have multiple options that meet most needs. Whether it’s all about saving money or having the best coverage out there, we can build it. Once that’s complete, we’ll guarantee that monthly premium for up to 3 years at a time. This is something that’s unheard of in the individual market, today.”

You won’t find many news stories in today’s media headlines that point out the opportunity to find other insurance avenues for your family or business, but insurance alternatives such as the USHEALTH GROUP insurance programs are available today and many families are finding genuine opportunities that grant control of the decision on what their individual, family or company’s plans will cover.  You might be very shocked at the benefit of dollars to be saved.  And that’s just the icing on the cake that Ben has in his product line.

Contact Ben Devolder for a phone quote or to schedule a personal in-home visit to discuss all your important life and health insurance needs. Just dial (317) 773-3528! Or email him at: Be sure to visit: USHEALTH GROUP website at:

USHEALTH GROUP: Through its licensed life and health insurance companies, USHEALTH GROUP offers quality coverage to individuals, families and small businesses covering: *Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage *Fix Indemnity Health Insurance *Critical Illness *Life *Dental Coverage *Accident *Short-Term Accident Disability Income Insurance *PPO Networks *With 3-year fixed rates – and much more!

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Teverbaugh Dental – Beautiful Smiles Made Here

Dr. Diana TeverbaughDr. Diana Teverbaugh always knew she wanted to be involved in the patient care field, but it wasn’t until she took on a part-time position as a dental assistant that she found her true calling.

“This part-time position allowed me to connect my deep interest in patient care and the artistry of creating beautiful smiles,” Diana said. “I knew in a few weeks that I needed to change my career direction from pre-med to pursue a future as a dentist. I graduated from Indiana University School of Dentistry in 2009 and set about to one day have my own private practice.”

“This dream took a few years, but in July 2013, I opened my new office with a beautiful setting here in Fishers, Indiana. I love what I do, and the families my staff and I care for have become, in so many ways, part of my own family. I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love every day,” she added.

As a future patient, this new practice extends a welcoming atmosphere with an emphasis on interactive care that applies to the many emerging levels of dental treatment. Each patient room has a beautiful view that lends to the carefully selected office design plan that led Dr. Teverbaugh to pick this particular location. “I spent a lot of time trying to find an office location that allowed a beautiful nature’s view for each and every one of my patient rooms while they were receiving treatment care,” she said.

Teverbaugh Dental LobbyTeverbaugh Dental has created a tasteful and modern office setting which includes custom wall colors that promote a peaceful and relaxing feeling. The office is complete with extremely comfy dental chairs, suspended television views with accommodating earphones and a secure paperless digital process that allows her team to immediately access patient charts, provide an overview of care delivered and see what needs to be corrected with intraoral camera views and X-ray supported pictures. This certainly leaves no doubt about what’s going on inside a person’s mouth.

Dr. Teverbaugh believes that a dentist can never stop their continuing education as dentistry is advancing every day with more technology and new materials that offer long-lasting and cosmetically beneficial outcomes. “You can never stop the education process in the field of dentistry. To me, it is exciting and demanding. My patients deserve the best possible care available, and keeping up with emerging technology is a must,” she said.

Her engaging staff includes Kristal who manages as a front desk coordinating director and Catherine who manages expanded functions as a dental assistant. All staff members interact as supported educational advisers to help each patient better understand the functions of important dental care. Note: patients should always use a “soft” bristle toothbrush. Why? Because it’s easy to apply too much pressure in the brushing process, and this can damage the enamel and hurt tender gum lines.

This exceptional practice is now accepting new patients and encourages new mothers to have their infants checked as young as 12 months. To Dr. Teverbaugh, it really is about family dentistry at any age, and once you meet her, we guarantee you will want to become part of her family. A beautiful, healthy smile is her vocation. Welcome to Fishers, Dr. Diana Teverbaugh!

Services include:
• General dentistry for the entire family
• Cosmetic
• Implants
• In-network with most insurances and Medicaid
• Convenient hours and free parking
• Flexible payment plans
• Se habla español

Teverbaugh Dental
Diana Teverbaugh, DDS
10967 Allisonville Rd., Suite 200
Fishers, IN 46038

Phone: 317-572-8626
Fax: 317-284-1276


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The Strike Zone

The Strike Zone hits home run with renovation, instructors

By Diane Harrington

It wasn’t enough to have batting cages, a pitching area and three former Major League Baseball players as instructors at The Strike Zone. The owners of the Fishers sporting site wanted the facility to hit more of a home run than a double, explains Tyler Underwood, a senior associate with management company Revel & Underwood. So The Strike Zone brushed off its figurative home base, revamped the interior and made a few business tweaks, too. The result of the August face-lift is a fresher, cleaner appearance with additional features that offer more of what customers want, as well as more safety.

Open since 2007 at 12550 Promise Creek Lane — and well-positioned right across the street from Billericay Park, home to the area’s Little League program — the sporting venue offers much-needed access to year-round, 24/7 batting and pitching practice. Consequently, its three independent instructors, who rent time there, started picking up more and more clients.

“We decided to change our style from thinking about [having] all members to [adding] more classes. We want to be able to do more classes and camps and work even more with the instructors,” Underwood said.

The Strike Zone has already brought on a fourth instructor to add to the mix.

Instead of four batting cages and one pitching area, The Strike Zone now has three batting cages and two pitching areas.

“We realized that the fourth cage wasn’t being utilized as much, so we decided to back that cage out and add another pitching area,” Underwood said.

Two of their former MLB instructors focus on pitching skills, so this change makes it easier for them to book clients.

“Before, if one of them was doing a lesson, the other struggled a little bit,” Underwood said.

In addition, the pitching lanes are wider now.

“You don’t feel like you’re in some really small tunnel trying to throw the ball. It’s nice to have a little more room,” he said.

That change allowed The Strike Zone to create three 60-foot-long batting cages that are taller, larger and wider than before. It helped transform the increasingly raggedy look of the cages. Before, a lack of room meant swinging bats sometimes put holes in the cages.

“Now, people can move around a little easier in there and not cause any damage to the cages,” said Underwood, noting that by no longer having to pin back ripped nets, the area is significantly safer.

The west wall is now covered with plywood and painted a bright blue. That serves to hide the building’s insulation but, more important, gives the batter a much better view of the ball as it flies. The east wall also is adorned with blue-hued plywood, both to protect the drywall and so catchers can pick up the baseballs a little more easily.

A new rack area keeps equipment tidy, and a new security system allows better monitoring of the facility to keep unwanted behavior at bay.

The Strike Zone’s newest instructor is Travis Reboulet, who played IPFW Division 1 baseball. He’s focusing on pitching and hitting.

The Strike Zone InstructionThe other three instructors are:

  • Jim Reboulet (Travis’ father), a former St. Louis Cardinal and Pittsburgh Pirate. He’s been coaching for more than 18 years and specializes in hitting and throwing.
  • Casey Mulligan, a former Cardinal. He works with clients on pitching, hitting and catching.
  • Wes Whisler, who has been with the Chicago Cubs and White Sox and currently plays for the Charlotte Knights. He tackles pitching and hitting during October, November and December.

“Their experience, their knowledge, shows how we take baseball serious; we don’t let just any Joe come in off the street and give instruction,” Underwood said. “We make sure we have quality and very professional people in there giving instruction to our members and people in the community.”

The instructors are independent from The Strike Zone, but they work with the facility like a well-coached team, coming together to offer camps and classes.

“Our members are families with any kid between the ages of 8 and 18 that’s big into baseball and wants to be able to practice during the winter and on the side during the season. When we opened the facility, I was in high school, and we were tired of driving 35 minutes into Noblesville. There was nothing right here in Fishers,” Underwood said.

The instructors and clientele have been extremely happy with the renovations, Underwood said.

“It’s just given a little more room for everybody to work,” he said.

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Gifts by Local Artisans

Art 2 The ExtremeYou want to show your Aunt Millie and niece Abby how much you love them with homemade gifts for the holidays, but you lack the time or talent to make anything nice. Don’t feel bad. CHEAT! Buy something made in the home of an expert. Homemade items offer the quality and uniqueness that sends a personal and thoughtful message. Let me introduce you to three local artisans who make one-of-a-kind items that can be purchased online or here in Fishers at Best of What’s Around located at 8745 E. 116th St. across from Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream.

Nicole Lewis – Art 2 The Extreme (Recycled Rainbow Crayons) Upon meeting Nicole, an art teacher, you see she is adorable and sweet, but it isn’t until you experience the gusto of her Recycled Rainbow Crayons that you are aware of her ingenuity and craftsmanship. Nicole was the first to sell Rainbow Crayons on Etsy eight years ago and has expanded to over 147 shapes and styles. These are not your ordinary crayon shapes. I’m talking cars, rings, Star Wars figures, Legos, cupcakes, Christmas trees, mustaches, you name it.

To make the shapes, she lovingly peels the paper off of each used crayon, places them in silicone molds and bakes them. What wonderful stocking stuffers these non-toxic crayons are, but they can also be used as party favors, promotional items, gifts or thrown in a purse and taken out to dinner for your child’s entertainment. New colors pop up as they color. These unique coloring utensils are affordable, starting at $2.50 for a ring. Please visit her websites at or

Erin Stewart Hill – Lois Pearl Designs (Children’s Clothes, Accessories and Handbags) At a very young age, Erin was intrigued with her mother’s sewing and took it up herself. She sewed for 4-H for 10 years where she won the Champion award in Indiana’s State Fair competition. While pregnant with her son, Erin started sewing with a women’s group called The Crafties. When her daughter came along four years ago, she wanted to dress her in clothes that were fun yet age appropriate. Lois Pearl Designs was born.

Children’s clothing is the heart of the business because they have bright, fun, durable fabrics with unique, whimsical “grow-with-me” styles. The dresses become tunics, and the pants become capris. Each versatile piece is designed to be worn by the same child year-round for two to three years, yet holds up well enough to be proudly passed on to the next youngster. These items start around $40 per item. The colorful women’s handbags have taken off as well at around $50. Erin also makes and sells children’s accessories such as hair bows or bowties and women’s comfy ruffled skirts. She will even do custom orders for family pictures or events. Please check her out on her website:

Allison Rose – Time and Again Shop (Vintage Pillowcase Dresses, Tooth Fairy Pillows and Lovies) After deciding to stay at home with her kids, Allison started making “pillowcase dresses” for friends as shower gifts. Loving the dresses so much, her friends encouraged her to sell them. She started selling at craft shows eight years ago and opened her Etsy website five years ago. Since then, she has added adorable monster tooth fairy pillows, lovie tagged blankets, bunting, children’s accessories and the new hot seller: vintage fabric ornaments.

The unique trait of Allison’s pillowcase dresses is the fact that she repurposes genuine vintage pillowcases for the fabric. They are versatile pieces: an outgrown dress can be used as a top. Allison goes to great lengths to frequent thrift stores, garage sales and auctions to seek out quality, unique, attractive pillowcases. Her prices are amazingly affordable at only $5 for a hair clip and up to $18 for a dress. Visit her websites: or

Written By: Marcy Vigren


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Kim Troyer with Keller Williams Realty

Kim Troyer with Keller Williams Realty pulls out all the stops when buying or selling real estate.

Real estate veteran Kim Troyer keeps clients happy by thinking outside the box. For her, it all starts with listening.

Whether you’re buying or selling your home, Troyer, a broker with Keller Williams Realty, makes sure she hones in on your specific needs. She doesn’t hear just that you want a fenced back yard, but one that will keep a small dog from escaping; not just that you want a dining room, but a space suited for your particular dining room table.

“I listen to what they have to say, work with what they need, and try to get them the best house or get them the best sale possible,” she said.

“When you’re listening more and talking less, then you’re really getting into the heart of what your clients are trying to say,” Troyer said.

This careful listening allows Troyer to find creative solutions to her clients’ needs. Recently, Troyer had two clients very interested in Geist waterfront property who didn’t like any of the homes currently on the market. Not wanting to give up, Troyer drove them through the area, and the buyers cherry-picked their favorite homes.

Tim Murphy, who worked in sales all his life before retiring, was one of the homeowners she contacted. She ended up selling his house in a deal that pleased everyone.

“I didn’t even know Troyer until she dropped a note in our mailbox and wanted to know if our house was for sale,” Murphy said.

He’d been looking to downsize for quite some time, and he said that other real estate agents don’t even begin to compare to Troyer’s energy and work ethic.

“We probably looked at 50 different open houses and talked to 30 or 40 Realtors [and] told all 30 or 40 our situation. The grand total of all of those Realtors that contacted us with a client was zero,” Murphy said. “Kim found out we were looking to downsize and immediately acted. The “Kim Difference,” quite candidly, is that she’s simply the best sales executive selling real estate that I’ve ever met. She just makes it happen. I was very inspired by working with her on this. I would highly recommend Kim Troyer for anybody looking to sell a house, especially if they want to sell it quickly.”

“Quickly” doesn’t even begin to cover it. When Vince and Angela Ostrowski were looking for a home, they were limited in their options because they wanted to live in a particular school district. With few houses available, Troyer once again hand-delivered notes door to door. “Lo and behold, one turned up and turned out to be perfect for our family,” Angela Ostrowski said. “Troyer found a new home for that family, sold our home, and sold the home for that family — all in two months.

“She worked over and above what a normal Realtor-client relationship would entail, working all hours of the day and pushing the limits when she could,” she said.

Kim works from her office in her Cambridge home at Geist.

With Bob and Jan Weber, Troyer performed similar miracles when they sold their home and moved to Michigan. The people buying their waterfront home were required to get flood insurance by their mortgage company — and that started an avalanche of paperwork.

“Kim made that whole process easy. She jumped up to the bat and made that whole process go through. That whole problem of them getting insurance down there put us a day behind up here. But she got stuff pushed through,” Bob Weber said.

He noted that Troyer was juggling communication with a Realtor and a title company in Michigan, as well as all the folks in Indiana. She managed to get it all done in three or four days and kept everything on track.

It helps that Troyer has a team of people in the lending institutions and title companies that make transactions like this even smoother.

Troyer both lives and works in Geist, so she knows the area inside out.

“It’s really important, I think, to be working with someone who is familiar with the area,” Troyer said.

According to Troyer, this means she can get you a good, fair deal.

Troyer also uses today’s technology to get the best for buyers and sellers. She will talk to sellers about the importance of the Internet if their last home-buying experience was done without it.

“I don’t list a house and make it active, anymore, unless I’ve got professional photos,” she said.

Troyer uses a professional photographer because she knows the Internet is the first place many buyers go today. She also knows that if your house doesn’t look good online, buyers will just pass right by it.

While Geist is her specialty, Troyer’s no stranger to Meridian-Kessler, Carmel, Zionsville and other parts of Hamilton County. Wherever the client is interested, that’s where she’ll go.

“I’m all about the client,” she said.

Indeed, she is, Weber said.

“We didn’t have to worry about anything from the time we said ‘yes’ to getting paperwork done. She made sure we always knew what was going on,” he said. “Some Realtors will say they’ll list it, and then you won’t hear anything from them for a while. That’s not Kim. She’s a workaholic and very detail-oriented. And her friendliness is contagious.”

For more information, visit her website at or call (317) 250-6379.

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Building a Winter Wonderland for Generations

Reynolds family grandkids with Arlene in front of display control panel. (Brian Brosmer Photographer)

It has long been rumored that Santa Claus had an idea that brought a twinkle to his eyes every time he flew with his reindeers over a spacious piece of land resting in a sleepy little town called Fishers. So on one starless winter’s night, he sent Elf to the cozy house of Arline and Mac Reynolds. It was the very night they were celebrating the start of a new life as the proud owners of a new family business.

No one is exactly sure what Elf did to plant the seed of Santa’s idea to create the best Holiday Winter Wonder Way of Lights that would brighten the lives of all who gazed upon it for generations to come. But the magic was planted, nesting quietly in Arline’s heart for several years until one day a simple suggestion by a trusted employee began a tradition that would change the fabric of State Road 37 from Thanksgiving to Christmas to this very day. Before we go on with the story, perhaps it would be wise to share with you how it all began.

The Year was 1955

Mac and Arline Reynolds had made up their minds to sell their family farm as allergies made it impossible to continue farming. They knew taking their three children away from the life of being farmers would not be easy, but times had fallen hard on the life of farming, and tough decisions had to be made.

To be honest, everyone except the banker (who encouraged them to make the move) felt the couple was making a big mistake selling the farm in a depressed market, let alone taking the money and reinvesting it back into a business in which neither one had ever worked. But together, they had a driving faith and a firm commitment to build a business based in agriculture, tractor parts, equipment, toys and a public service model for themselves and their children that would last no matter what the weather brought.

Over a million lights are stored year round at Reynolds Farm Equipment waiting for their annual light show.

And so on December 15, 1955, the Reynolds family opened Reynolds Farm Equipment in a store in the middle of Fishers, Indiana. It was a John Deere dealership from the beginning, and from the first day, the whole family worked at it. Mac and Arline handled ordering, picking up, stocking and selling parts. Mac was the salesman, and Arline also took care of all the bookkeeping. The Reynolds children who were 14, 12 and 10 at the time worked after school, on weekends and during the summer. Employees John Wilder and Neal Bower handled service. Howard Barnhill was hired as a salesman shortly after the business opened.

To say that the road has always been easy for the Reynolds family would not be telling the whole truth of this story. As with any business, challenges lurked within each new sunrise. But this family found the way to get past the rough times. Mac used to say, “What kept it interesting are the people you meet. If you’re out there having a rough time, it could be very discouraging, but then someone walks in wanting a part, and you have it. Or if you can help him keep his combine running, then it offsets all the problems of the day and makes it all worth it.”

Workers are still building light displays, adding to the drive thru light show just off of State Road 37.

A solid reputation and lots of hard work soon saw the business expanding. Although Mac and Arline encouraged their children to get a good education and investigate other opportunities, the family business is where they all wanted to be after their college educations.

“It’s satisfying to have created jobs, to have places for your children,” says Arline. Today a third generation has come along, and the attraction is strong for them to be a part of their very successful family business if they so choose.

So what began in one rented building in Fishers has grown to an industrial park at the intersections of State Road 37 and I-69, plus a service center in Anderson, Mooresville, Muncie, Lebanon and Sheridan, Indiana as well as stores in Xenia, Ohio and Nicholasville, Kentucky.

Reynolds Farm Equipment has indeed grown into one of the largest John Deere dealerships in the country with a reputation for giving back through a generous and giving community stewardship which leads us to sharing with you how the spectacle of Christmas lights began.

As we said, an employee asked one year about putting up some lights to brighten up the holiday season on the property. Arline told him to go ahead and give it a shot. He decided to use an old Model D tractor sitting in the warehouse. He strung lights across the body of the tractor, and it looked as if the tractor was moving. When people began commenting on how much they enjoyed seeing the display as they drove by, they also encouraged them to do more.

This moved Arline to ask one of their experienced staff welders if he could add reindeer antlers to the tractor display. Needless to say, tractors gave way to hundreds of crafted displays, including several pieces from L.S. Ayres original window scenes.

Today, Arline thinks there might be nearly one million lights strung on the multiple creative displays strategically placed which range from the Manger in Bethlehem and horse drawn carriages to hockey players, flying skiers, a farmer planting a field, windmills and so many additional wonderful and magical lighted scenes. You just have to see it for yourself as you drive through this incredible maze of a Winter Wonderland spectacle which is open to the public free of charge.

Keeping to the spirit of giving back, the Reynolds invited the “Come To Me Food Pantry” (located just off 116th Street in Fishers) to join with them in collecting donated cans of food, clothing or accept a monetary gift to help others less fortunate. (Editor’s note: Last year, $36,000 was collected and donated to this worthy community cause. If you’re interested and want to learn more about the good deeds of “Come To Me Food Pantry,” please contact Linda Williams, director of the program at 317-695-0069 or Don Greenlee at 317-522-8006. Just tell them Arline sent you!).

If you’re wondering what it costs the Reynolds family to construct this wonderful light show each year, I’m afraid this is one secret the family does not share. They only say they wholeheartedly want to share the holiday spirit experience with all who take the time to come out to see it year after year, generation after generation. To the Reynolds family, the substantial yearly cost is completely offset when Arline (who will soon be 95) walks to the control box and says, “Ladies and gentlemen, let the show begin!” It is also rumored that a certain man in a red suit with a white beard and a jolly laugh that warms your heart picks up the whopping electric bill year after year! After all, it was really his idea in the first place!

So gather up your family, pack the car with goodwill and prepare to drive through a setting that is truly modeled after Santa’s village at the North Pole. Yes, Virginia, there really are angels, and they live right here in Fishers, Indiana! We call them the Reynolds!

P.S. This year, the first Long Tractor (110) the Reynolds family ever sold 50 years ago was bought back by Mac and once again resides with the Reynolds family. The second such tractor sold in the state of Indiana now resides in the Smithsonian Institute!

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Bike Shop Offers “Low Key” Sales and Service

Jim Moffitt, owner of the new LoKe Bike Shop at Brooks School Road and 116th Street.

An avid cyclist since age 15, Jim Moffitt believes there’s a bike out there for everyone—and he’s hoping to help make those connections with his new business, LoKe Bicycles.

The sales and service shop (which is pronounced “low key” bicycles) opened at 11640 Brooks School Road in Fishers in late October.

Moffitt said the name is indicative of the store’s philosophy, which is based on talking with riders to understand their goals and objectives.

“The idea with the name — and the feel I want to have with the shop — is consultative in nature,” he said. “It’s the bicycle that you want, not the bicycle I want to sell you.”

LoKe Bicycles carries equipment for all types of riding, with models specifically for road, mountain, fitness riding and childrens’ bikes.

“I’ve got bicycles for the entry-level rider to ultra-competitive racers,” he said. “I really try to cover the whole spectrum of anyone who comes into the shop.”

Moffitt said LoKe offers several unique services, including the Grow Fast Program, which offers trade-in discounts on bikes purchased at LoKe for families with growing children. Discounts range from $20-$50, with the second-hand bikes either re-sold at the shop or donated to a regional charity that connects disadvantaged youth with bicycles.

“I don’t have any now, because the shop is brand new, but eventually I’ll have a section of gently-used kids’ bikes,” Moffitt said.

LoKe also offers pickup and delivery service within a three-mile radius of the shop. Moffitt anticipated that would be useful for families looking to have several bikes serviced at the same time.

Moffitt said LoKe is also starting a bicycling club, which he described as a community for people who enjoy riding and want to do it socially. Signup information is available at the company website,

A graduate of Noblesville High School and Ball State University, Moffitt was a competitive cyclist in college and co-founded Midday Deli in the mid 1990s before moving on to a career as an account manager at a major food distributor. Throughout those changes, Moffitt remained a dedicated cyclist, saying that was the direction he wanted to take his next business venture.

“Cycling has always been there, it’s always been a love and a passion,” he said. “Anything I can do to get people on bikes is very satisfying and fulfilling.”

Moffitt listed several reasons why cycling for fun is a good thing.

“There’s several great benefits,” he said. “There’s physical fitness, stress relief, and you get to be outside enjoying nature.”

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Local Entrepreneurs to Bring Internationally Acclaimed VOM FASS Oil, Vinegar & Spice Concept to Indianapolis

Just ask Sundaresh Ramanathan and Anyta Sundaresh, the entrepreneurial team bringing VOM FASS to the Indianapolis area. Every delicious product at VOM FASS — from oils to vinegars and spices — is ready for sampling “from the cask” [the English translation of VOM FASS], encased in tantalizing cask pyramids, glass balloons and vinegar and oil crocks.

The new shop will be located inside the extraordinary open-air streetscape environment of Hamilton Town Center (13185 Harrell Parkway, Suite 150 in Noblesville, Ind.) and will function as a gathering place for the Indianapolis community to discover flavors that turn ordinary home-cooked meals and dinner parties into exceptional culinary creations.

“We are absolutely thrilled to bring a world-class brand known for delivering the best oils, vinegars and spices to customers with a taste-before-you-purchase offering,” Sundaresh said. “This is a retail concept that truly absorbs people…it lives and breathes its slogan ‘look, taste and enjoy.’ When we first laid eyes on it, we fell in love with VOM FASS so much so that we became shop owners. We simply can’t wait to share our passion for VOM FASS with all who live and visit Indianapolis and its neighboring cities.”

The husband-wife team is planning on developing in-store events such as demos, tasting and cooking classes, to educate the community about the taste and health benefits of their oils, vinegars and spices. The local VOM FASS shop will also participate in community events, partnering with other area businesses throughout the year, as well as creating corporate gift packages and events featuring VOM FASS products.

“Sundaresh and Anyta are the perfect team to bring VOM FASS to Indianapolis. They are talented professionals with success creating the sensory experience that defines our brand,” said Justin Gibson, president of Madison, Wis.-based VOM FASS USA. “Given their drive, we’re confident they will be helping everyone in and around Indianapolis make the tastiest, healthiest decisions for years to come.”
VOM FASS features handmade products from selected artisans who use traditional methods and follow exacting standards to produce their products. Anyta and Sundaresh are passionate about seeking fresh, high-quality oils, vinegars and spices from small producers in Europe and the United States. VOM FASS only sources its products from partners using natural processes, sustainable agriculture and ethical sourcing.

The couple will be taking a proactive approach to helping customers make sound cooking and dietary decisions, introducing customers to the health and taste benefits of a Mediterranean Diet. More of a lifestyle than a diet, the plan is reliant on plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, nuts, olives and olive oil, along with moderate amounts of cheese, yogurt, fish, poultry, eggs, and wine. These foods form the basis of the plan and provide the nutrition, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber that protect against chronic disease.

The VOM FASS concept has spread like wildfire across Europe since its launch in Germany less than twenty years ago. Since then, 300 VOM FASS franchise locations have opened worldwide and the brand has won numerous accolades, including Franchise of Year in Germany in 2010 and 2012.

By selling hand-selected imported European oils, vinegars, spices, as well as spirits and wines in select locations, and offering an educationally flavorful environment for customers, VOM FASS USA has eclipsed projected growth figures this year. In just a few short years of franchising here in the United States, the concept has spread among entrepreneurs seeking a hands-on retail venture that encourages local community ties and embraces a distinct shopping experience.

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Indiana Volleyball Academy: Developing Area Youth One Player at a Time

Club IVA 2As Volleyball Director Emily Hawthorne walks through Incrediplex early Sunday morning, the freshly cleaned courts sparkle with volleyball nets and carts of balls lined up across the gym. At that moment, the air is quiet; however, the courts will be buzzing in a few short hours with players and coaches working hard, developing skills and maybe even having a little fun along the way.

While the Indiana Volleyball Academy (IVA) has run a competitive club volleyball program for years, the organization continues to grow and develop into much more than a standard club. As IVA heads into their 2013-2014 season, they provide a growing number of programs for girls and boys of all ages and experience levels, including Lil’ Spikers clinics for 4-10 year olds and a Fall Youth League open to 1st-8th graders.

Elite and regional level club players start as young as third grade and can play through their senior year of high school, benefiting from many of the club’s services including sports performance training and a college recruiting coordinator. Many of these athletes continue their playing careers collegiately while others use the additional training and experience to become leaders on their middle school and high school teams.

IVA enters its eighth club volleyball season with some new faces and team options joining their veteran coaches and core offerings. Training teams will be offered this season, providing quality practice and playing experience with a reduced time commitment. Teams practice at Incrediplex twice a week, participate in a handful of local tournaments and receive a reduced uniform package, allowing IVA to offer this experience at a competitive price point perfect for the multisport athlete or families with increasingly busy schedules.

IVA welcomes several strong coaches to their staff this season, including college coach Travis Fuller (Purdue University) and Justin Kean (Marian University) who returns for his second year at IVA. Lawrence Central Varsity Coach Kyla Montgomery, who also has college coaching experience, joins fellow varsity coaches Steve Hawthorne, Mark St. Martin, Dee Dee Galligher and Rob Zajdel.

IVA also welcomes two of the area’s top youth coaches, Jeanne Boss and Barb Tease, who have been extensively involved with Hamilton Southeastern Volleyball at the high school and middle school level.

Club IVA 3Regardless of which coach is leading the training, the mission and philosophy remain the same. From the beginner to the elite athlete, players are not only developed with first class technical training, but also with a focus on doing things the right way with teamwork, sportsmanship and character building opportunities, all in a positive and healthy environment for the athletes.

Emily Hawthorne enters her second full club season as the Director of the IVA after spending previous years as an elite coach for the club. However, developing youth programs and working in club administration is nothing new for the veteran coach. Hawthorne started running youth programs 15 years ago in West Lafayette before settling in as the Varsity Coach at Zionsville Community High School. The Junior Eagles Volleyball Club, a feeder program Hawthorne started in 2005, continues today, giving youth players a place to play and develop in the Zionsville community.

“Looking back on my first few years of volleyball as a player, I realize how much of an impact coaches and sports teams can make in a person’s life,” said Hawthorne. “It has always been a goal of mine to be involved in a place like IVA. Our coaches truly care about the players and know that they have been given an incredible opportunity to be a positive influence in the lives of these young ladies.”

Tryouts for all IVA club and training teams begin in late October with youth clinics and leagues running year-round.

Summer and holiday camps as well as private and small group lessons are also available. Information on all of IVA’s programs and coaches can be found at Club Director Emily Hawthorne can be contacted directly at 317-823-9555 x24 or

Club Volleyball (Elite, Regional & Training Teams)

  •  Tryouts for 8-14 year olds begin October 27
  • Tryouts for 15-18 year olds begin November 10
  • Elite Team season: December-early June
  • Regional Team season: December-May
  • Training Team season: December-March

Clinics & Leagues

  • Lil’ Spikers: 4-10 year olds
  • IVA Insanity: 4th-10th graders
  • Sunday Fall Clinics: 5th-8th graders
  • Fall Youth League: 1st-8th graders


  • Spring Training: April and May
  • Summer Camps: June and July
  • Holiday Camp: early January


  • Private and small group training offered year-round
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