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An Alternative to the Affordable Care Act

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The Affordable Health Care Act has certainly changed the foundation of America’s health care system for generations of Americans. Massive confusion of plans (levels of care) that are nearly impossible to comprehend; huge jumps in monthly insurance premiums and eye-popping deductibles have certainly weighed heavily on those of us who find themselves facing a decision that is not in line with the reality of actually paying for health care that is beyond our limits of affordability, and in fact, fits our real health care needs.

Yes! There is an alternative solution to the Affordable Care Act and slowly but surely, people are finding their way to insurance options that do provide a solution to what has been in the headlines for weeks. Alternative health plans are available and what you will find is just what the doctor ordered.

Ben Devolder, an agent for USHEALTH GROUP, grew up in a family where his father was a hard-working insurance agent with State Farm in Michigan. Ben spent a lot of time after school in his father’s office listening and watching his Dad taking care of individuals and families who needed help designing a policy plan that worked for them.  Even as a youngster, I knew what my Dad did for a living was more than just a job … it was a passion and a responsibility that he never took for granted.

Ben Devolder and Family“Dad’s passion rubbed off on me because this was always what I knew I wanted to do.  Years later, after graduating from college, I began to research insurance companies and the products that were available through them.  When I came upon the US Health Group on the Internet, I was intrigue by the insurance products and the many options their agents had to work with in regard to individuals, families and small businesses.  It was the detailed “custom” approach to planning out their life insurance and health insurance needs, and their commitment to provide a fixed rate (3 years) of premiums over and above what other insurance company’s offered.  I applied and was accepted. The training was comprehensive and I felt like I had achieved finding a career where I could really help the communities I served in this very important life element,” he said reflectively, adding, “Especially with the turn of events brought on by the Affordable Care Act.

“Unfortunately, many people think they are stuck right now in regard to their personal insurance, and have no other choice but to sign up for this difficult health insurance act.  But they are not stuck – they just need to discover the alternative plans that are readily available to them, Ben stated.

So how does it all work?

Simply put, USHEALTH GROUP is partnered with a large association (American Independent Business Coalition). This partnership allows individuals and families access to the various health insurance products, offered to members of the association. “When you’re a part of a large group, specifically in the health insurance world, you can’t be singled out for annual rate increases and cancellations. This is what’s great about having access to an association health plan,” says Ben.

Another way to think about it, is having access to “group-like” benefits and discounts, on an individual/family basis. “This very attractive to people, especially the self-employed, as they are usually getting the short stick when it comes to health insurance rates and premium increases. Now, they have an option to be a part of a large group, with a company who understands the needs of these families,” says Ben.

Ben went on to explain, “Our clients have the opportunity to customize their insurance plan. We have multiple options that meet most needs. Whether it’s all about saving money or having the best coverage out there, we can build it. Once that’s complete, we’ll guarantee that monthly premium for up to 3 years at a time. This is something that’s unheard of in the individual market, today.”

You won’t find many news stories in today’s media headlines that point out the opportunity to find other insurance avenues for your family or business, but insurance alternatives such as the USHEALTH GROUP insurance programs are available today and many families are finding genuine opportunities that grant control of the decision on what their individual, family or company’s plans will cover.  You might be very shocked at the benefit of dollars to be saved.  And that’s just the icing on the cake that Ben has in his product line.

Contact Ben Devolder for a phone quote or to schedule a personal in-home visit to discuss all your important life and health insurance needs. Just dial (317) 773-3528! Or email him at: bdveloder24@yahoo.com. Be sure to visit: USHEALTH GROUP website at: ushealthgroup.com

USHEALTH GROUP: Through its licensed life and health insurance companies, USHEALTH GROUP offers quality coverage to individuals, families and small businesses covering: *Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage *Fix Indemnity Health Insurance *Critical Illness *Life *Dental Coverage *Accident *Short-Term Accident Disability Income Insurance *PPO Networks *With 3-year fixed rates – and much more!

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