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A Harlem Globetrotter at home in Fishers

Dizzy and FamilyDarrick “Dizzy” Grant, a veteran Harlem Globetrotter, his wife, Carly, and their adorable 20-month old son.

Originally from Princeton, N.J., Darrick Grant played college basketball at the College of New Jersey. He set his sights on playing professionally. After graduation, a scout from the Harlem Globetrotters approached Grant for a tryout with their organization. Having been a fan of the Globetrotters since the age of 7 when he saw the Globetrotters live, Grant was thrilled.

Globetrotters are selected not only for their prowess on the court, but also for their personalities. After all, the Globetrotters are pure family entertainment, and it takes showmanship to pull off mixing it up. Not long after being selected for the Globetrotters, Grant earned the nickname of “Dizzy.” When asked why that name was selected for him, Grant explained, “During a game, I went up against an opponent and spun around him, and he looked dizzy, so the nickname was given.”

The franchise name accurately describes the travel schedule. The Grant family coordinates their schedules to maximize their family time. “It’s a challenge, but we make it work,” says Darrick’s wife, Carly, who is the marketing director for the Applied Behavior Center for Autism. The team plays around 250 games a year, and Grant will be flown out ahead of a game to do public relations. “It’s tough, but I enjoy it,” says Grant.

Along with spending time with his family, Grant enjoys fishing whenever he can. His father and his grandmother used to take him fishing when he was little. He even managed to join the “Bass Dr.” on an episode. “I joined Todd [Hollowell] for a taping of the fishing show in Detroit.” See bassdr.com for further information and a photo of Darrick with two large bass caught during filming.

After eight years with the Harlem Globetrotters, Grant is still going strong. On the website for the team, Grant is one of the featured personalities. He is known for his impersonations of famous basketball players, and there are many video clips of his talents. His impersonation of Kobe Bryant is uncanny!

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